Listen to Hayley Williams Perform an Acoustic Cover of Her Hit ‘Simmer’

Lindsey Byrnes/Atlantic Records

If you thought you loved this iconic song from Williams, just wait until you hear its acoustic version.

Hayley Williams has been putting on incredible acoustic performances on her Instagram all summer long. She has performed self-serenades for songs like Tegan and Sara’s “Call It Off,” Paramore’s “In The Mourning,” and SZA’s “Drew Barrymore.” On August 2, though, Williams chose to return with a cover of her own song, the single “Simmer.”

“Simmer” was part of Williams’ latest studio album, Petals for Armor. Released earlier in May, Petals for Armor marks Williams’ first project as a solo artist outside of the band Paramore. In “Simmer,” Williams sings about struggling with anger, depression, and control while learning how to find comfort in being vulnerable.

This time, however, Williams gives a brand new take on the song. Chilling outside, the singer transforms the bottled-up, loud anger from the single into a softer, quieter track—making a cover that is as beautiful as the original. She calmly strums her guitar, accompanied only by her dog Alf and background fountain sounds.

“This song came out 6 hundred years ago, b.c. (corona) but i still love it and it keeps evolving,” Williams wrote on her post. “Hope you’re stayin safe and allowing yourself some peace in your own solitude.”

In the caption, Williams also thanked fans for listening to her covers throughout the summer. She shared that she had fun sharing moments of her life in solitude with them. Williams hasn’t announced an official end to her self-serenades, but fans hope they’ll get a chance to hear more of them—especially an official studio recording of the acoustic version of “Simmer.”

You can check out Williams’ acoustic cover of “Simmer” above or listen to her album Petals for Armor on Spotify.