Zara Larsson Talks Single ‘Love Me Land’ and Upcoming Album

Epic Records/Katia Temkin

After dropping her latest single, Love Me Land, singer Zara Larsson is preparing for the release of her upcoming album full of “bops and bangers.”

Love Me Land was Zara’s first release of 2020 and will be featured on her forthcoming second album.

Larsson’s purpose in creating Love Me Land was to make people dance and let loose. In Love Me Land’s captivating music video, Zara Larsson is found dancing alone, allowing the beat to take her.

In an interview with project u, Larsson explained the single’s music video represents both herself and her mental state. “The video is just me, so I can’t really hide behind anything. Maybe the sparkles. But you know, it’s just me in this big black room with this square light shining down on me. And it’s very empty. And it’s just like me dancing and expressing myself to the song,” Larsson said.

Love Me Land achieved great success reaching the top charts of all large streaming platforms. Larsson later told PEOPLE, she wants her music to allow fans to “escape their reality.”

She continued, “The reactions have been really positive, and even if they weren’t, I’ve come to this place now where I can feel confident enough in myself to just know that what I do is the s— for me. As an artist, you want to be proud of what you’re doing, but if I didn’t want other people to judge and hear my music, I would just sing in my basement and never release anything.”

Zara Larsson has yet to announce the release date of her new album. However, she mentioned her single ‘Right Here’ from the highly-anticipated album will drop shortly along with the music video.

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