The Black in Fashion Council Launches to Promote Fashion That Is Inclusive of All Races


The Black in Fashion Council has finally launched and it’s driving a fashion-forward mission that’s more important than ever.

Black in Fashion is a new council striving for a fashion industry that’s forward-thinking, both with style and diversity. It was founded by dynamic duo Lindsay Peoples Wagner, the editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue, and Public Relations expert Sandrine Charles. Talking to Vogue about their mission, they expressed their hopes of creating a world “in which black people in fashion and beauty spaces can be open and honest, guaranteed equal rights, and be celebrated for our voices.”

By partnering with the Human Rights Council, brands will strive to centralize a message of equality, ensuring they “fully understand the complex ways in which we all need to commit” and recognize inclusivity as the “the lens in which we see everything.” It’s a message more timely than it’s ever been, with the establishment of the council amplifying calls for transparency about workplace diversity. In recent months, movements like #PullUpOrShutUp have called for companies to share the number of Black employees to spotlight their failing representational efforts.

While the council was formed back in June, it’s only just launched with the help of over 30 partners (and counting) who’ve pledged their support. Among the names announced so far are Glossier, publishing giant Condé Nast, Tiffany and Co., and Calvin Klein; to name a few. But, just as important to the cause are the individuals who are starting to take note of the movement. Yesterday, Taylor Swift took to Instagram to voice her pride in donating to the council.

Whatever support you can offer to causes like Black in Fashion will help uplift Black communities and affect long-overdue changes both on and off the runway, so be sure to take a look at the work the council is doing. You can read the full list of participants here.