Listen to Ava Max’s Newest Single, ‘Who’s Laughing Now’

Atlantic Records

On July 30, 2020, Ava Max released her new single, “Who’s Laughing Now.”

In only a week, “Who’s Laughing Now” accumulated near 8 million views and 345,000 likes on YouTube. The track is the sixth single in Max’s debut album, Heaven & Hell, and contains themes of dysfunctional love, vengeance, and regret.

Max, who won MTV Europe’s Music Award for Best Push Artist in 2019, has entered the music industry with her famous 2018 single, “Sweet but Psycho.” Since then, she has collaborated with prominent artists like Alan Walker, Jason Derulo, and Pablo Alborán. “Who’s Laughing Now” centers around a protagonist who was hurt by her abusive partner. Max sings that before meeting her ex-lover, she “never felt the words like a razor.” She reflects that “where there’s only love,” there is “never anger.” Max continues, “So lonely in your bed / Does breakin’ me make you feel good? / Guess you don’t understand / What goes around, comes around.”

“Who’s Laughing Now” teaches its audience that toxic relationships must be left in the past and that if one leaves toxicity behind, they gain emotional intelligence. Max concludes the song with, “Don’t ya know I won’t call back? / Don’t ya cry like a baby / Ha-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha / Who’s laughing now?

While the song touches on difficult topics, it is also uplifting, mischievous, and guarantees to brighten the listener’s mood. Click down below to listen to Max’s “Who’s Laughing Now.”

Ava Max is known for her iconic empowering songs, like “Kings & Queens,” “Who’s Laughing Now,” and “Sweet but Psycho,” and we cannot wait to hear more.