Katy Perry Opens up About Her Battle With Clinical Depression

Monty Brinton/CBS

Katy Perry shares details about when she felt she “hit rock bottom” during her battle with depression. 

In the past, singer Katy Perry has opened up about her mental health, but in an interview with Sunday Times, the star shared details on her past as she fought clinical depression.

Right now, Perry seems to be doing pretty well. The star, 35, is engaged to Orlando Bloom, 43, and they’re even expecting their first child sometime this summer. Unfortunately, life wasn’t always a fairytale for the “California Girls” singer.

Perry admits she had “hit rock bottom” just about two years ago, and told Sunday Times that she tried to treat her mental health issues by using medications.

She explained to Sunday Times, “It was as if I had sprained my brain and needed crutches. I got really clinically depressed. I’d always been able to skirt the issue. I was on something my psychologist recommended and it changes the chemistry in your mind. Sometimes people need a pharmaceutical crutch.”

During her Witness tour back in 2017-2018, Perry claims her mental health only worsened while out on the road.

“You’re never going to change somebody as much as you want to change them. I had to make a choice [to change] after hitting rock bottom. I had no choice but go on this emotional, spiritual and psychological journey or I probably would not live to see 2018… I tried medication and it was really intense. I have been through the journey, now I am just enjoying the ride,” she said.

The singer-songwriter notes that she is no longer taking medications and is focused on her pregnancy and leading a happy and healthy life!