Jam Out to Jordin Sparks’ New Music Video for ‘Red Sangria’ Featuring Francia Raisa and Amber Riley


Jordin Sparks just released the official music video for her new single “Red Sangria,” featuring her best friend Francia Raisa, Glee star Amber Riley, and her husband Dana Isaiah. 

Sparks released “Red Sangria” on July 31, two months after releasing “Unknown,” which was her first solo release in nearly five years. You can read more about “Unknown” here. Sparks will be releasing her EP Sounds Like Me on August 14. If you pre-add it now, you will automatically receive “Red Sangria.”

“The red sangria video is now live on my YouTube,” Sparks said in a recent Instagram story. “I’m really, really proud of it.”

Raisa recently posted  a thank you on her Instagram to Sparks for including her in the music video, and encouraged her followers to support Sparks’ music.

“Thank you so much @jordinsparks for having me be a part of your video and encouraging me to move my body again!” wrote Raisa in a recent Instagram post. “So freakin proud and happy for you! Can’t wait for your new EP!!!! I already have it pre-ordered.”

Sparks recently showed her appreciation for her husband, who is also featured in the “Red Sangria” music video, on social media. 

“I love everything about you but today I’m putting a spotlight on your support, encouragement, and willingness,” wrote Sparks in a recent Instagram post. “You’re always there for me. Pushing me to be better and to take risks! And you’re down for anything. I’m constantly inspired by your mind, ideas, and ambition. How did I get so lucky?”

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