Y2K and JoJo Collab in New Electro-Pop Single ‘Damage Is Done’

Warner Records/Matt Petranovic

The duo’s latest song is one to keep playing on repeat.

2020 has been busy for Y2K and JoJo. Earlier this year, Y2K released two collab singles, “Go Dumb” and “Oh No.” JoJo, on the other hand, started the summer season with the release of her brand new studio album, Good to Know in May. Still, both artists are coming back, this time with the pop hit “Damage is Done.”

The single was unveiled on July 31. Alongside catchy electronic beats, JoJo sings about a significant other who crossed her limits. As they try to apologize, she breaks up with them, saying that it’s too late for them to fix what they’ve done.

“Even though I’ve dabbled in different genres before, and collaborated with such a range of talented artists, this was a first for me being the featured vocalist on a dance track,” JoJo shared according to the 360 Magazine. “Y2K is mad talented, and it was really fun to dive into something that’s always been more of a guilty pleasure. We had a blast, and I think we made a pretty great record.”

Aside from the single, the duo also released an accompanying animated music video. The clip is set 3000 years from now, in a world where humans make discarded robots fight with each other for the sake of entertainment. JoJo’s robotic version is one of them, having been thrown away by her lover. After being repaired by Y2K, she is set to battle against another fellow robot. However, instead of fighting, she decides to join forces with them, overthrow the guards, and escape their captors; thus sparking the A.I. Revolution.

Make sure to watch Y2K and JoJo’s music video for “Damage is Done” above.