New Collaboration Revealed Between MAX and Suga of BTS


MAX announced BTS member, Suga, as a collaborator on “Blueberry Eyes,” the sixth track on his upcoming album Colour Vision that will be released September 18.

There has been a lot of conversations circulating Twitter as to when MAX and Suga will do another collaboration. The ARMY fell in love with their first joint venture on Suga’s D-2 with the song “Burn It.” The wait is over and fans are stoked to hear the new song they will be releasing soon. Suga will have an entire verse to himself that will be in Korean.

MAX has struggled to keep the collab a secret because he is so excited for all of their fans to hear it. You can see his Twitter post below.

During an AMA on Reddit, MAX gave us information regarding the friendship between him and Suga and how the collaborations work. MAX enjoys working with other artists that have created music he admires and applauds.

He also explains the creative process of how music collabs work, especially when the two artists are residing in different countries. The majority of the time, MAX’s recordings are sent back and forth between the artists so that they can add their own parts to the song. Rarely is MAX physically with his collab partner when making music.

You can see MAX’s Instagram post below of the full tracklist of his album coming out soon, featuring Suga, as well as Quinn XCII, Hayley Kiyoko, and Chromeo.


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 Don’t miss out on MAX and Suga’s collab, as well as MAX’s full album coming to us on September 18.