Jaden Smith Discusses Coping With Anxiety During Coronavirus Pandemic

CBS/Terence Patrick

Jaden Smith promoted his sister’s recent collaborative album, “The Anxiety,” while appearing on Beats 1 Radio and opened up about mental health.

The 22-year-old singer-songwriter and actor addressed mental health during a recent appearance on Beats 1 Radio. He discussed his sister’s latest collaborative album with fellow artist Tyler Cole, “The Anxiety, ” and praised the pair’s project. He reiterated the reality and crippling nature of anxiety. Jaden revealed that confiding in loved ones and having raw, real discussions with family and friends allow him to manage his own anxiety.

Jaden also spoke with Apple Music about his struggles with mental health amid the coronavirus pandemic. He highlighted that being isolated with ourselves magnifies our inner thoughts and forces us to confront and cope with uncomfortable feelings. When unhealthy thoughts and unsettling fears consume our minds, they marinate and metastasize. Jaden copes with his anxiety by embracing it, acknowledging its presence, and attempting to engage with it or navigate it. Jaden candidly revealed to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, “And I never really knew what anxiety was until recently, either.”

In addition to tackling mental obstacles, the singer also addressed the logistical hurdles he’s confronted while creating his forthcoming album, Cool Tape Volume 3, amidst a global pandemic. He revealed, “You can’t get into the studio with anybody, you can’t even get into the studio at all. So I have to record being inside of my house, and the engineer has to engineer me from his house, and he’ll use this app to control my computer.”  These unprecedented times are forcing artists to channel their creative juices, practice resilience, and reconceptualize their traditional approach to recording music.

Mental health is too often stigmatized. Due to its relatively inconspicuous nature, or ability to be concealed, many people downplay its prevalence and severity. Many individuals shy away from the topic and regard the matter as messy or taboo. Jaden, however, uses his high-profile platform to shed light on the reality of mental health and normalize the subject. We commend the rising artist’s candor and eagerly await his much-anticipated album.