Demi Lovato Inspires LGBTQ+ Youth at the GLAAD Media Awards

Eric McCandless / ABC

Demi Lovato spoke up for the LGBTQ+ community while presenting at the 2020 GLAAD Media Awards on July 30.

Singer Demi Lovato has never shied away from speaking up for what she believes in and what she’s passionate about. 

Known for her honesty about her own struggles and her passion for helping others, the multi-faceted performer uses her platform yet again to share some wisdom and some hope with the members of the LGBTQ+ community.

“It’s never been more important to celebrate the acceleration of acceptance for the LGBTQIA+ community especially trans people of color who face outrageous discrimination and danger,” Lovato began while introducing a performance by Shea Diamond.

She doesn’t stop there, as she explains that she, and all of us, are not done fighting for trans rights and equality both in and out of the United States.

“To all the trans youth, I want to make sure that you know that you matter.” 

Demi herself identifies as sexually fluid and has been open about her journey as a young woman attracted to more than just men.

Just this past winter Demi opened up about how she spoke to her parents and family about her preferences and interests. Even she, a beloved superstar, was worried she would be looked at differently or would not be accepted.

The “Cool for the Summer” singer has been adamant throughout her career about making sure today’s youth and fans of hers understand the importance of being yourself, being comfortable with who you are, and accepting the challenges that come with that.

Demi continued on, speaking straight from her heart and showcasing her support tenfold, “I know things are crazy hard right now and you may not have your usual support system around you, but don’t let anyone – especially our government – fool you into thinking you are anything less than perfect and meant to be.”

She may be a singer, but Demi Lovato uses her voice for more than just hit songs, and we can’t help but love her for it.