Billie Eilish’s New Single ‘my future’ Just Dropped and It Is What We’ve All Been Waiting For


Billie Eilish just released her newest single, ‘my future’, and it is the slow jam we all secretly needed this summer.

The young singer who has changed the music game forever finally released a new song and fans were going wild for the news. The song is called ‘my future’ and is a slow, heartfelt ballad, with an upbeat twist towards the end. The brilliantly written and beautifully sung single is about being in love with yourself and your future. One notable line is: “I’m in love but not with anybody else just wanna get to know myself.”

The song puts us all in our feels and is the self-love anthem we didn’t know we needed. Eilish also released a music video that features herself as a cartoon figure. Her cartoon version walks through nature in a breathtaking display of artistry, making fans feel really connected to Eilish while listening. The singer also released new merch to go along with the song on her website

You can stream ‘my future’ on all platforms today and stay up to date on all further Billie Eilish activity via her social media pages.

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