The Official Trailer for ‘Chemical Hearts’ Starring Lili Reinhart Was Just Released and It Looks Amazing

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The official trailer for the upcoming film starring Lili Reinhart Chemical Hearts just came out and we’re excited to watch!

The new film set to be released, on Prime Video on August 21st follows the story of two young teenagers who fall in love. Henry Page, played by Austin Abrams, is looking for a romance like his parents have, and he feels hopeless in his search. However, when he meets Grace Town, played by Reinhart, he finds unexpected love. The two prove that being young is painful, hard, and at times scary.

Navigating high school is not easy, and this teen romance beautifully displays the ups and downs of teenagehood. Fans are more than excited to see Reinhart hit screens outside of her Riverdale role and can’t wait to her bring Grace Town to life. The actress has been promoting the film on her social media over the past month creating buzz for the official trailer.


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The next month will be one filled with anxious excitement now that fans have an inside look into the film and the lives of the characters. The story of two young lovers pushed together through the school newspaper will surely take our breaths away with its honesty, relatability, and incredible acting.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the release date and get ready to be moved by Abrams and Reinhart in Chemical Hearts.