The First Guest on ‘The Michelle Obama Podcast’ Is Barack Obama

John Gress Media Inc /

Earlier this month the former first lady, Michelle Obama announced she will be launching her very own podcast.

On Wednesday, the first episode of Michelle Obama’s podcast launched on Spotify, and what a surprise to have Barack as a first guest. During the 49 minutes interview, the couple talked about their community and how it helped him grow, what brings them together, protests in the U.S, and many other topics.

As always, the couple was very comfortable speaking; they shared their life in quarantine, and Michelle said “like most Americans, we’ve been spending a lot of time together in quarantine.” Barack said he loved spending this time with her wife, and Michelle replied “I’ve been having a great time. But we’ve had some interesting conversations … Cause these are some crazy times.” Later on, they opened up about George Floyd’s murder and how it affected them, Michelle had a very powerful message, “I know a lot of you are hurting out there right now and are confused and that’s OK. But as I’ve seen, as Barack has seen, we can take that anger, that disappointment and turn it into something useful. Perhaps, even something hopeful.”

In the next episodes, Michelle will have other family members like her mom, her friends, and many others. We’re sure she won’t disappoint. Don’t hesitate to listen to her podcast; it’s refreshing and powerful. You can stream it on Spotify.