Phoebe Bridgers Debuts Hauntingly Beautiful ‘I Know the End’ Music Video

Dead Oceans

The indie singer shared the long-awaited video with fans on July 29.

Earlier this week, Phoebe Bridgers teased that a new video was on its way for her single “I Know the End.” The song is the final track of her latest studio album, Punisher, released on June 18.

Bridgers had previously released videos for two other Punisher singles, “Kyoto” and “Garden Song.” However, “I Know the End” might just be her best one yet.

Wearing her usual skeleton jumpsuit, Bridgers is shown sitting in a nearly overflowing tub. She emerges from the water, walks away, and dries off in a locker room filled with more skeleton suits.

What happens next is a series of unexpected, chaotic, and eerie events. A girl rolls an apple on the floor, and Bridgers takes a bite from it. The singer then begins walking through the mysterious facility that she is in. She takes off running, while the screen keeps cutting back to her drowning in the tub. Suddenly, Bridgers finds herself in an empty L.A. Memorial Coliseum, where she plays for a small crowd with her band.

Everything starts to flicker as Bridgers jumps from the stage and holds an unnamed stranger, screaming. The two of them kiss as the video fades to black.

Bold and haunting, the music video portrays the apocalyptic feel of the single. In “I Know the End,” the lyrics evolve from a simple break-up all the way to a complex image of destruction, accompanied by a glorious set of instrumentals. As Bridgers desperately screams while singing about driving through a deserted city, “I Know the End” proves itself to be a masterpiece.

“This is a bunch of things I had on my to-do list: I wanted to scream; I wanted to have a metal song; I wanted to write about driving up the coast to Northern California, which I’ve done a lot in my life,” Bridgers shared with Apple Music, regarding the single. “It’s not really an anthem—I don’t know. I love tricking people with a vibe and then completely shifting. I feel like I want to do that more.”

You can watch the video for Phoebe Bridgers’ “I Know the End,” above.