One Taylor Swift Fan’s Theory Suggests Her Album ‘Folklore’ Tells a Connected Story

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One ‘Swiftie’s’ theory suggests that all the songs in Taylor Swift’s new album, ‘Folklore’, connect to tell listeners a story.

Following the release of Swift’s new album, the singer told fans via social media that many of the songs were written from both the perspectives of real people and fictional characters. In a comment on YouTube, Swift explained that three songs on the album can be referred to as a “Teenage Love Triangle” that “explore a love triangle from all three people’s perspectives at different times in their lives.”

The Switie’s confirmed that the three songs that make up the ‘Love Triangle’ were ‘Cardigan’, ‘August,’ and ‘Betty.’ This was later confirmed by Variety.

The connection between the three songs goes like this. The song ‘Cardigan’ is about Betty discovering her partners affair; ‘Betty’ is her partner, James, begging for forgiveness; and ‘August’ is sung from the point of view of the woman involved in James’ affair.

One fan takes this connection a little further, claiming the entire album tells the story of James and Betty.

One Swift fan, @SwiftCamzz on Twitter, shared this theory on Twitter, which was originally posted on Reddit. The full Folklore theory is that the album tells the story of Betty, or Rebekah Harkness, who is the past owner of Swift’s house in Rhode Island.


Here’s the basic run down. The love affair story is told in the songs ‘August’ and ‘Mirrorball,’ while the woman involved in the affair details it in the song ‘Illicit Affairs.’ On the track, ‘Cardigan,’ Betty finds out about the affair, and James went begging or her back in the song ‘Betty.’ The two break off in ‘Exile,’ and Betty attempts to move on in ‘The 1.’

‘This is Me Trying’ is James failing to fix things with Betty, then ‘Peace’ explains him leaving his town for the military. He dies in battle during ‘Epiphany’, and ‘My Tears Ricochet’ is Betty at his funeral. ‘Hoax’ and ‘Mad Woman’ describes how James’ death went on to affect Betty.

‘Seven’ looks back on Swift’s own childhood, and ‘Invisible String’, tells her current adult love story.

After taking all of that in, there is only one song left on the album, ‘The Last Great American Dynasty.’ Swift had confirmed this song to be about Harkness. Overall, this song would connect her life to Betty’s and James’.

This elaborate storytelling through music is a testament to Swift’s extraordinary creative vision. Grab your favorite snack, plug in your headphones, and get ready to listen to the story that fans claim to be, Folklore.