Lucy Hale Uses Her Platform to Raise Awareness About Human Trafficking

Lev Radin

Lucy Hale posted a short, three-minute video to her Instagram titled #worlddayagainsttrafficking to educate followers on human trafficking. 

Hale has been working with the Child Rescue Coalition to raise awareness about human trafficking, which is when people are used and exploited through force, fraud, deception, or coercion. Human trafficking is the fastest-growing enterprise in the world, generating 100 billion dollars annually. The Child Rescue Coalition is a nonprofit organization that manufactures technology that helps law enforcement catch child predators. So far, they have arrested over 12,000 predators and prevented the abuse of over 600,000 children.


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Hale begins the video explaining that human trafficking is everywhere, even in the United States. She explains that people aren’t aware it’s happening because they don’t understand what it is.

“I wanted to make this video because I think if you have certain information, you got to pass it along,” said Hale in a recent Instagram post. “I’m not making this video to instill fear or panic or anything. I want this to purely be a video about spreading awareness.”

It is estimated that there are 30 million people held captive at this moment, with a third of those being children. 71% of human trafficking victims are female, and they are sold for sex, extreme labor, and their bodies’ organs.   

Hale encourages you to spread awareness by talking about human trafficking to friends and family. She also encourages you to report suspicious activity and donate. Since the Child Rescue Coalition donates specialty technology to law enforcement free of charge, their work is made possible through donations. You can donate to the Child Rescue Coalition by clicking here

“We can stop the cycle,” said Hale in a recent Instagram post. “Awareness over the last 12 years has prevented trafficking on a massive level, so that’s encouraging.”

Follow @childrescuecoalition on Instagram to learn more about how you can help end human trafficking.