Listen to Maluma’s New Song, ‘Hawái’

Kathy Hutchins /

On July 29, Maluma released his fourth single of 2020, “Hawái,” on YouTube.

The 26-year-old Colombian singer-songwriter tackles the all-familiar themes of heartbreak and regret in his new song. In the past, Maluma had numerous songs such as “Felices los 4,” “Corazón,” and “El Perdedor” cross 1 billion views on YouTube. In only under a day, “Hawái” accumulated more than 4 million views and 300,000 likes on YouTube.

Maluma is signed to various labels, Fox Music, Sony Music Colombia, and Sony Latin. Earlier this year, he was also nominated for a Grammy Award in Latin Pop Album.

In the music video for “Hawái,” Maluma tells a story of a devastated man who witnesses his ex-girlfriend get married to her new boyfriend. The storyline provides glimpses into how toxic Maluma’s relationship was with his onscreen ex-girlfriend. It also reveals that both feel remorseful for not working through their problems. At the end of the video, Maluma crashes the wedding and security drags him out. The ex-girlfriend runs out and asks Maluma to give their relationship another chance. However, the distraught lover drives away and leaves her in the distance. The music video serves as a metaphor for dysfunctional romantic relationships and points out the necessity to move on from a hurtful past.

The music video was filmed at the Ancient Spanish Monastery in the North Miami Beach Area in Florida. The monastery was built in 1141 AD and is considered the oldest standing building in the region. Make sure to click down below to watch and listen to the newest of Maluma’s songs, “Hawái.”