Celebrate Joey King’s Birthday by Obsessing Over Her Episode of Beauty Secrets

Kevork Djansezian/NBC

Joey King hopped on YouTube to share her skincare and makeup routine for Vogue’s Beauty Secrets series last week and it’s our favorite episode yet.

With a new movie out (The Kissing Booth 2), a new movie on the way (The Kissing Booth 3), and still enough talent to last a lifetime, Joey King is at the top of her game.

Nevertheless, the newly 21-year-old actress found the time to share with Vogue her love for SPF, her confusion about eyebrows, and her honesty about looking and feeling like herself.

The video, appropriately titled “Joey King’s Guide to a Perfect Summer Glow,” kicks off with a quick application of cleanser, some deep-puffing eye masks, and a breakdown of her lifelong morning skincare regimen.

She explains mom and grandma taught her to apply eye cream every day (She uses Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado) by gently dabbing it into the skin evenly and symmetrically.

The Act star goes on to liberally apply Tanologist self-tanner drops to her freshly cleaned skin, putting an emphasis on rubbing it in extensively as to not miss a spot on her face or cause streaking.

When getting to the makeup part of her routine, Joey King discusses her love for makeup and how she actually started getting into it after her role in Oz the Great and Powerful. Urban Decay released a line of products based on the good witch and bad witch in the film, which sparked her interest.

She admits that she can’t “shy away from a little sparkle,” and loves adding a little glimmer into her looks.

As relatable as ever, the Kissing Booth actress goes forth with her makeup look, verbally recognizing the struggles that can come with eyeliner application.

“Life is full of surprises… and so is eyeliner,” she says. Then she gets real about loving her natural features and not wanting to use cosmetic products to alter them too much, regardless of what Twitter trolls think.

“I like my nose, it’s fine, but it’s like a little button nose. It’s less angular, which I like, but I just want the bridge of it to be a little more refined – especially if my cheeks are so much more refined, so I just put a little bit on my nose. Not too much, though, because I don’t want to make my face look different than it actually is.”

Many of the comments on the video talk about how they love seeing a celebrity with a realistic routine, using products that are not astronomically priced, and filming in a bathroom that doesn’t look like only a multimillionaire can afford it.

If it wasn’t obvious to you already that Joey King is one of the most fun-loving, sincere, and down-to-Earth people in Hollywood, this 13 minute Beauty Secrets video alone will show you that.

Happy birthday, Joey King. Thank you for being a fantastic actress, for staying true to yourself, and for teaching all of us that sunscreen does, in fact, matter.