Tove Lo’s Fans Star in New ‘Mateo’ Music Video

Sterling Munksgard/Shutterstock

Made with numerous fan submissions, Tove Lo’s latest music video is simply iconic.

Earlier this year, the indie-pop singer released the lyric video for “Mateo”, one of the most popular songs from her recent album Sunshine Kitty. However, she shared that she wanted to try something different. Since the COVID-19 pandemic had physically distanced people from one another, Tove Lo decided to bring all of her fans together for a new take on “Mateo.”

Calling the project “Tove Lo Quarantine Karaoke”, the singer asked fans to record themselves lip-syncing, dancing, or doing whatever they wanted and send it to her by May 25th.

“It’s time to put on the karaoke number of your lifetime!” she wrote on her Instagram. “Anything goes, just film horizontally and practice social distancing while shooting.”

On July 28, Tove Lo finally released the finished product: the “Mateo” Quarantine Karaoke video. The project, edited by Garrett Guidera and Conor Barron, features fans dancing and singing from bedrooms, showers, rooftops, fields, forests, and just about any location possible. Sparing no efforts, fans also included countless props, fashion accessories, colored lights, special effects, and make-up looks.

Tove Lo herself appeared jamming out to the song from her living room. Some of her long-time friends, like artists ALMA and Pabllo Vittar, also guest-starred in the video.

In the video’s credits, the singer thanked the hundreds of fans who participated in her ambitious quarantine project. Despite being away from each other, Tove Lo’s fans are certainly more united than ever—especially in their love for this incredible song.

You can watch the full “Mateo” music video above.