Oprah Winfrey Honors Breonna Taylor With a Meaningful Milestone Cover for O Magazine

O Magazine/Hearst

O Magazine has been a staple read for over 20 years but this is the first time its cover will be graced by another woman as it pays homage to Breonna Taylor.

The magazine usually features Oprah herself as the cover star but come September, we’ll see a meaningful solo cover featuring Breonna, whose name and face have sadly become all too familiar following her tragic death in May. She died when police officers stormed her apartment using a no-knock warrant and the injustice of her death has compelled celebrities and civilians alike to protest police brutality, leveraging the fight against systemic racism.

The cover art was created by digital artist Alexis Franklin, who expressed the importance of featuring the particular selfie that has become synonymous with Breonna’s story. She explained how “Looking at it, I see an innocence, simple but powerful”, a characteristic she felt was “critical” to retain. Alongside Breonna’s cover, Oprah penned a moving essay that implored readers “to use whatever megaphone we have to cry for justice surrounding Breonna’s death”- a call we can all heed by using our platforms to speak up.

This edition is a hard-hitting reminder that Breonna’s memory still lives on and reflects why we need to persistently challenge ingrained discrimination. It’s more imperative than ever to stand in solidarity with anti-racist causes, especially given that the cops responsible for Breonna’s death are yet to be arrested.

You can show your support by reading this milestone edition of O Magazine, which will be available to read on August 11th.