Check out the Tattoo Shawn Mendes Got for His Younger Sister

Phil McCarten / CBS

Shawn Mendes might be a globe-trotting musician, but his new tattoo hits close to home.

Shawn Mendes is no stranger to getting a tattoo with meaning behind it. The singer has a total of nine, ranging from a fan edit-inspired butterfly to a matching elephant with his mom. 

His latest piece of ink, done on July 27, is in honor of his younger sister, Aaliyah. 

“A sweet dedication, on the man @shawnmendes,” his tattoo artist, Kane Navasard, wrote on Instagram in the debut photo.


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A sweet dedication, on the man @shawnmendes. Bookings currently closed.

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The tattoo is simple, just “Aaliyah Maria” written in script on his collarbone.

Aaliyah Mendes is Shawn’s 16-year-old sister who he is very close with and showcases love and admiration for whenever he can. 


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Happy 16th birthday to the most wonderful girl I know. I absolutely adore you ❤️

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The ink was obviously done with her mind being as it is her full name.

In 2019, though, Shawn got a tattoo behind his ear of an “A,” which many fans suspected was, again, in honor of Aaliyah, but there was never any public proof or declaration of that.

Shawn often posts of his family on Instagram, specifically his sister, so it is with no surprise that she is celebrating her and their relationship with this new tattoo.


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Even with world tours and high school dances getting in the way, the musician and his sister have remained being the ultimate sibling goals.

The relationship Shawn has with his family is evident for he doesn’t just have tattoos dedicated to his sister, but to his parents.

At the top of the guitar tattoo on his forearm, there is an intricate sound wave of his parents saying “I love you.”


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We hope Aaliyah Mendes loves her brother’s simple, but oh-so-sweet tattoo done in her honor as much as we do.