Joey King Rivals Twitter Haters With Gorgeous Valentino Shoot


Joey King rose above Twitter user’s disgusting comments, fashionably, to say the least.

Recently, The Kissing Booth 2 star, Joey King, was undertaken into the portal of hellfire that can be the internet. Trolls too often take to social media to blow off steam that is jealousy and all types of other shades of ugly. Poor Joey King just so happens to be another innocent prey amongst the vultures, criticizing her and referring to her as “hideous.” The internet is a mean place.

Not to worry. Our queen, or should we say, king, shook off the hostility like a true boss. On July 26, the actress posted a series of photos from an at-home Valentino photoshoot to her Instagram. The shoot was conducted under social distancing guidelines. She very specifically captioned the pics “@ my Twitter haters.” Flipping the bird never looked so chic.


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@ My twitter haters

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Hold up Twitter gremlins, don’t get too flattered. She didn’t totally smash it in a black sequined two-piece jacket and skirt set from Valentino just for you. The 20-year-old wore the Valentino ensemble in attendance of a virtual Fan Fest event on July 26, where she announced the news, that is music to all ears, of the release of a third Kissing Booth movie on Netflix in 2021.

Needless to say, the star’s fans were up in arms in her defense during the commotion. “Y’all leave my girl joey king alone she’s a cutie pie and she’s a better actress than most of y’all little white boy faves,” tweeted one fan. “What we not gonna do is hate on Joey king, I just finished watching the act a few days ago and the way she played that role she got me too invested in these shows,” declared another fan. Yeah, lay off miss King, please and thank you.

King mused during the live stream, “I want to thank the fans for their tremendous support… the explosion of love has been so real,” she gushed. “It’s because of everyone on here that all of this has happened.” We heart you, too.

If you’re itching on the hints of deets if Elle decides to follow Noah to Harvard or attend Berkeley, you can watch the teaser by Netflix of The Kissing Booth 3 here.