‘The Kissing Booth 2’ Comes To Netflix and Co-Stars Joey King and Jacob Elordi Shared Some Spoilers

Netflix/Marcos Cruz

On Friday, July 24,  The Kissing Booth 2 was released on Netflix and stars Joey King and Jacob Elordi shared their thoughts on the sequel.

The overall plot of the film consists of characters Elle (Joey King) and Noah (Jacob Elordi) maintaining their long-distance relationship through the ups and downs, and temptations that come their way. In other words, characters in the film such as Chloe (Noah’s college friend) and Marco (new classmate) cause tension in Elle and Noah’s relationship.


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Elle also faces a decision on where to attend college after promising both her best friend, Lee and boyfriend Noah that she would consider going to either of their colleges. The film later ends with Elle pretending she was wait-listed to avoid choosing between her boyfriend and best friend.

“Elle Evans is notorious for trying to make everybody happy, which in turn, the way she goes about it, makes everybody mad in the long run, including herself,” Joey King said in a statement to ET’s Katie Krause.

Jacob Elordi backed up Joey King’s statement by sympathizing with character Elle explaining she “feels a lot of pressure from both parties.”

Just when you thought Elle had enough on her plate, she is also torn after sharing a kiss with Marco. Marco later expresses to a friend that he is willing to chase after Elle, regardless of her relationship with Noah.

“Just like Elle says in the trailer, she always thought they were [endgame], but things change, things happen, and I don’t know where their story will take them. But I’m so excited that we get to see Elle and Noah in this movie. I think Noah and Elle are iconic and I think it’s exciting for fans to be able to see them again,” said Joey King.

“Our fans loved the first one so much and they are ultimately how we got to do a second one, so if they are loud enough about this one, about hopefully making a third one, maybe Netflix will grant us the permission,” Joey King added.

Get your tissues and popcorn ready, its time to watch The Kissing Booth 2 on Netflix.