Michael B. Jordan Is Using His Change Hollywood Initiative to Help Diversify Hollywood

Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.com

Michael B. Jordan has been tirelessly pushing for positive reform in Hollywood.

Amid a shifting political climate, Michael has launched the #ChangeHollywood initiative to keep the momentum going behind the push for racial inclusivity. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, the Black Panther actor explained how the initiative will entail “telling authentic stories, bringing people together… changing the rules of the game” to showcase Black talent in the entertainment industry.

While Jordan will spearhead the program, he’ll also be backed by Colors of Change, a racial justice charity that unites with companies and other changemakers to promote collaborative action against racism. They’ve done some amazing work so far, which you can check out here.

It’s hoped that #ChangeHollywood will encourage everyone to put their money where their mouth is, calling on people to back pledges with the financial support needed for institutional reform. But donating is just one facet of meaningful action. Michael has shown that vocalizing the injustices highlighted in recent weeks is just as integral to dismantling systemic racism, stressing that “we are all accomplices in the fight to transform Hollywood.”

Michael’s words are a message we can all take to heart since Black representation is long overdue. So, keep using your voice and supporting causes like Change Hollywood to help diversify Hollywood.