Activist Rowan Blanchard Continues to Use Her Platform as a Voice for LGBTQ, Feminist, and Human Rights


Former Disney’s Girl Meets World star, Rowan Blanchard is named an activist on Instagram due to diligently posting in support of the LGBTQ community, human rights, and feminism.

Rowan Blanchard played character Riley Matthews in the series Girl Meets World which is based on a young girl trying to find herself in New York City. The series often faced criticism for its lack of modernism and the covering of real-life topics. However, Rowan Blanchard grew from her role and did her part in raising awareness of current topics of conversations.

In 2015, Rowan made her first effort into activism when she spoke at the UN Women’s HeForShe conference, in which she was commended for her maturity and background knowledge. This conference is one of the first appearances Rowan made speaking on gender equality and body image, which later influenced young girls.

Since then, Rowan has been preaching to her followers on Instagram covering a variety of topics.


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Who’s pride 🏩

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Rowan has focused largely on social media of the importance of embracing yourself. She has been open about her decision to go against gender binaries, by choosing to abstain from shaving her under armpits.


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In an interview with C Magazine, Rowan expressed her feelings about being identified as an activist. “I guess at the end of the day, I’m just a person who thinks a lot, and sometimes it feels like I can compile those thoughts enough to share them with others. For me, the thing I want to achieve by using my voice is to have more of a conversation. For now, I want to listen more and not speak as much, and maybe speak when I feel like what I have to say hasn’t been said, or it’s important for me to say it. There’s this sort of construed thing online that anyone who has a platform has to speak on everything,” said Rowan Blanchard in a statement with C Magazine.

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