Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Gives a Powerful Message About GOP Representative Ted Yoho’s Remarks


Yesterday, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez responded to Florida GOP representative Ted Yoho after a heated exchange. 

On Monday July 20, Florida GOP representative Ted Yoho made unpleasant comments to congresswoman Ocasio Cortez because of her position on crime in New York City and unemployment. Yoho told her she was out of her mind and disgusting. Alexandria replied by telling him he was being rude and the conversation got heated. Mr. Yoho called Cortez a “f****** b****.” On Wednesday, the representative apologized but denied insulting her.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, also known as AOC, is the youngest female representative to serve in congress: A couple of weeks ago, she was re-elected from the 14th district of New York. The 30 year old Latina holds strong positions on social issues, racism, women’s rights, and equality. She is a rising figure of American politics, and most importantly she is not afraid to call people out and speak up for what’s right.

Take a look at what she said yesterday in front of the congress.

Congresswoman Ocasio Cortez made good points during her speech; no man should say rude comments to a woman. Women should feel respected and heard by men. Alexandria deserves genuine apologies; she is doing her job after all. We support AOC and all women who stand up for themselves in male-dominated spaces, even when they are pushed to stay quiet.