Get Ready for the Premiere of Disney Channel Original Movie ‘Upside-Down Magic’

Disney Channel/Eike Schroter

Siena Agudong stars in the Disney Channel Original Movie Upside-Down Magic coming July 31.

Disney Channel/Eike Schroter

Star of Netflix’s No Good Nick, Agudong plays Reina in Upside-Down Magic, a girl who attends a magical boarding school along with her best friend Nory, played by Izabella Rose. While Reina’s fire powers land her at the top of her class, Nory struggles at the Sage Academy for Magical Studies, often turning herself into a creature that is half-kitten and half-dragon. It is determined that Nory is practicing upside-down magic or UDM, and as a result, is vulnerable to the dangerous and evil “shadow magic.” After being forbidden to practice any magic, Nory is determined to prove that upside-down magic beats right-side up magic. 

The film is based on the New York Times-bestselling children’s book Upside-Down Magic. This magical adventure premieres on July 31 at 8 p.m. on Disney Channel and will be available on DisneyNOW beginning Aug 1. 

Agudong recently posted a two-minute video titled “i love you so much” on Instagram to give mental health advice and show support.      


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“I just wanted to talk about mental health in quarantine because this is really important,” said Agudong in the Instagram video. “I want to recognize and I want to acknowledge you if you are feeling a certain way during quarantine. I want to say that I’m sorry you’re going through this time. I want you to know that we are here for you and so is your family and so are the people around you.”

Disney Channel/Eike Schroter

Agudong recommends doing something active that makes you genuinely happy during this time. Something as simple as dancing to music in your room can make a big difference, Agudong says. 

“Stay active and stay fit for your mentality because it produces endorphins,” said Agudong. “I’m no expert, but I do know that that’s helped me, and it makes you happier.”

To learn more about Agudong, you can read Glitter Magazine’s interview with Agudong here. Follow @seinaagudong on Instagram for updates.