Celebrating the Life of Leading Liberal Activist and Fierce Feminist Bella Abzug

Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

The public honors the memory of Bella Abzug, the late American lawyer, by celebrating her life and acknowledging her impressive mark on #herstory.

Hats off to the progressive attorney and congresswoman on her birthday. On July 24, 1920, the world was graced with one of the most brilliant, bold, and badass women of all time. Abzug was born a mere month before the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote, and she was forced to navigate a world tainted with bigoted beliefs and rigid, well-established gender roles. Abzug, or better known as “The Battling Bella,” dedicated her adult life to crushing the patriarchy and advancing women’s rights. 

The unsung feminist hero would have been 100 today. Today, Friday, July 24, we honor Abzug’s memory and revisit her impressive contributions to equal rights. Abzug was a leading light in the long-standing, continuous movement for female empowerment. Not only did she shatter a multitude of glass-ceilings, but she looked good doing it. Abzug was the epitome of beauty and brains: she spitfire and made small-minded chauvinists weep, all beneath her iconic wide-brimmed hats. She worked vigorously to combat deeply ingrained oppressive systems and demand greater opportunities for women and people of color. With the help of fellow activists, Abzug played a pivotal role in the ratification of the revolutionary Equal Rights Amendment

Abzug was one of merely 15 women to win a seat in Congress, alongside 520 men. Her legendary 1970 campaign slogan, “This woman’s place is in the House — the House of Representatives,” remains ageless. Abzug passionately protested the Vietnam War and Arms Race, publicly defended an African American man wrongfully accused of raping a white woman, and proudly championed worker’s rights.   

The public calls for a statue to honor the feminist icon.

In a world stained with injustice and indoctrinated sexist principles, we, as a nation, continue to strive for growth and improvement. We continue to reexamine dusty, well-established structures, reflect on how their preservation shapes our beliefs, and, in turn, reform antiquated systems that clash with our professed values. The world honors the American heroine by continuing where she left off, advancing the fight for gender equality.