Anthony Ramos Teams up With Digital Animation Platform Storybooth to Speak Out Against Racism


Hamilton alum Anthony Ramos is teaming up with an organization called storybooth to speak out against racism.

The platform works to use kids’ voices, ideas, and opinions to create content that amplifies their real-life experiences. The platform invites kids to record real stories and send them in. From there, the stories are taken and made into incredible animated films. The goal is to check in with kids to see their views and concerns, especially during such a heavy time.

Ramos was thrilled to be given the opportunity to team up with such a powerful company to further speak out against racial inequality. The actor and singer took to his media to share his excitement and to highlight thirteen-year-old Keedron Bryant, a singer who has used his talent to create a Black Lives Matter anthem alongside his mother. His mom wrote a song called “I Just Wanna Live” and Keedron went viral for his passionate performance of the heart-wrenching song. Ramos praised the young singer, whose song is used in storybooth’s George Floyd animation.

At just thirteen years old, Keedron is already making a huge difference. Ramos’ and Keedron’s storybooth collaboration is one you shouldn’t miss out on as it is powerful, moving, and necessary. Go to storybooth’s YouTube to see the full animation and check out all of the co-collaborators’ social media platforms for more information.