Rapper Logic Announces Retirement With the Release of His Final Album, ‘No Pressure’

Def Jam Press

On July 16, Logic has announced on his social media that he plans to retire after the release of his final album, No Pressure.

Logic plans to release No Pressure on July 24, 2020. His fifth album title, No Pressure, is directly connected to his first album, Under Pressure, which he released on October 21, 2014. After Logic divorced his first wife, Jessica Andrea, the artist married designer Brittney Noell. The two were also expecting a child at the time. In his Instagram post, Logic writes that while “it’s been a great decade,” he now wants to be “a great father” for his son.

On August 19, 2019, Logic released a “No Pressure Freestyle” video, which is supposed to serve as the trailer for his fifth album. At the end of the rap video, he announced that he is having a baby boy, and said, “Welcome to the world little baby Bobby.” Logic and his wife, Brittney Noell, remain private about their personal lives.

While Logic’s fans were disappointed by his decision to retire, many are still eager to listen to his last musical work. Take a look down below to see what Lil Nas X, tweeted in response to Logic’s announcement. Lil Nas X is famous for his songs “Old Town Road” and “Panini,” which have both accumulated 493 million and 287 million views on YouTube, respectively.

Despite us also being saddened by Logic’s decision to retire after almost a decade of successful rap ventures, we also wish him the best in his fatherhood journey and cannot wait to listen to No Pressure.