Power Couple: Quavo and Saweetie, Open up on Their Romance, Music and Stardom


American rappers, Saweetie and Quavo, get candid about their relationship and how it affects their life.

The modern romance started when the Migos rapper slid into the ‘ICY GIRL’ rapper’s DMs on Instagram over two years ago. Quavo told GQ, “I was like, ‘Damn! Who is this?’ So I did my research and I DM her. I was like, ‘How she going to call herself icy and she don’t talk to me?”

Saweetie replied by flirting back to Quavo and the two finally decided to have their first date in Atlanta. She remembered having an awkward first date where Quavo choked on a crabcake and witnessed a serious fight at a strip club later on at night. The couple lost each other in the brawl, but never looked back ever since. Watch them play the GQ couples quiz below to see how well Quavo knows his girl, Saweetie.

Throughout their two-year relationship, it’s clear that both individuals have grown and learned a lot from one another. Quavo credited his girlfriend for making him a better man and confessed, “I don’t let people inside my life, and I let her inside. And she’s helping me grow up. She’s showing me how to love a woman.” In the same way, Saweetie praised him for helping her improve her communication skills and said, “I feel like I’m growing and I’m maturing because of him—not the music, not Saweetie, but Diamonté… I don’t know how I would be as a person if I would have never met him.”


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The rap royalty couple definitely put a smile on our faces, and their healthy relationship is a testament that love can overcome all things, especially during these hard times.