Get Zen With the Calm App’s New HBO Series ‘A World of Calm’


We all need a little more serenity these days.

Lucky for us, HBO Max and the Calm app are joining forces to lend a helping hand and spread the peace. Take a deep yogi breath and prepare to mellow out with Calm’s new series, A World of Calm. 

This upcoming series may be just the thing you need to still your wandering mind. In fact, Calm and collaborator Nutopia have the science to prove it. A World of Calm will feature scientifically researched narratives accompanied by relaxing audiovisuals. Such will be the basis of the show’s 10 thirty-minute episodes.

The series is intended to be an extension of the bliss that has been brought to millions of Calm app users. Countless Calm patrons have enjoyed sweet serenity from Sleep Stories, Calm’s flagship audio series. Sleep Stories serves quite a literal purpose; its aim is to help even the most restless minds reach their REM dreamlands. Many celebrities have partaken in the success of Sleep Stories, too. Earlier this month, Harry Styles made a splash when he narrated a special episode of the series.

We never thought we would be so excited for a television show to put us to sleep, and yet here we are. A World of Calm promises a star-studded cast to help lull us into lullaby-land. Idris Elba, Oscar Isaac, Zoë Kravitz, Lucy Liu, Nicole Kidman, and Keanu Reeves are just some of the narrators on the docket.

Although an official release date has not been announced for the project, we can already feel the peace and harmony in the air. We can’t wait to immerse ourselves in A World of Calm. Be sure to be on the lookour for updates and an official release date.