Yungblud’s New Song ‘Strawberry Lipstick’ Is Here, So It’s Time for You to Rock Out


Yungblud’s new song “Strawberry Lipstick” just dropped and it’s filled with the best of everything that Yungblud has to offer; rebellion, sensuality, independence, and fun.

Singer-songwriter Yungblud has been teasing the release of “Strawberry Lipstick” for almost two weeks now, which means that fans were more than ready to both see and hear what this song had to offer.

From changing his Instagram profile photo to a picture of a strawberry, to putting on magenta lipstick to kiss posters for fans, the UK-born musician perfectly plotted the teasers leading up to his new release.

“This is a song about a person I love,” Yungblud, better known as Dom, screams at the start of the track before heavy drums kick in.

Donned in a Spice Girls-inspired Union Jack dress, chains, spikes, and in-your-face red spiked hair, Yungblud jumps around the video with his equally bright red guitar in his hand and a beautiful girl dressed just like him by his side.


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strawberry lipstick. out july 16th. it all fookin begins. are you ready? 🖤🍓💄🖤

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“Strawberry Lipstick” is about finding solace in somebody else and giving up power to those you love.

So take it easy, take it easy, take it easy, girl,” repeats the chorus in an equally power-pop and grunge-rock fashion that will get you off your feet every time you listen to it.

There are photos the performer posted online, showcasing one of the most punk rock looks we have seen from Yungblud, but the video is what does it justice.

“I spent the last months in lockdown planning every single detail of this,” Dom explained in a pre-release livestream on the morning of July 16.

In the video, the singer is seen squeezing strawberry juice into his mouth, bleeding while in a boxing ring, wearing a full tartan suit playing with his band, and getting up-close-and-personal with his co-star, Jesse Jo Stark, who is a performer herself.

The music video is filled with passion, rough-housing, love, and angst; just like the song itself, but personified with Yungblud, the girl, the band, and real strawberries being used to tell the story.

We love the way that Yungblud creates his own blend of rock music and puts freedom of expression to the forefront of all he does. “Strawberry Lipstick” is just the musical icing on the cake. Check out the video, today.