‘The Bold Type’ Actress Aisha Dee Calls for More Diverse Storytelling on Freeform Series

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Actress Aisha Dee is using her platform to call for more diverse storytelling both on-screen and behind the scenes.

Aisha Dee plays Kat Edison on the Freeform series The Bold Type. Edison is a queer biracial woman of color. Dee took to Instagram and shared a lengthy statement calling for more diverse inclusion with both on-screen and behind the scenes work. “The diversity we see in front of the camera needs to be reflected in the diversity of the creative team behind the camera.”

For problems happening behind the scenes, she believes that more needs to be done. The actress shared how it took two seasons to get a BIPOC in the writer’s room, four seasons for a Black woman to direct two episodes, and three seasons to get someone in their hair department who knew how to work with textured hair.


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The actress believes that we cannot bring specificity and honesty to experiences we have not lived through without proper representation behind the scenes. “The level of care, nuance, and development that has gone into the stories centering white hetero characters is inconsistent with stories centering queer characters and POC.”

Dee also addressed that one of Kat’s storylines during the fourth season was a tough challenge for her. “The decision to have Kat enter into a relationship with a privileged conservative woman felt confusing and out of character…I tried my best to tell the story with honesty, even though the Kat I know and love would never make these choices.” Dee feels that it was heartbreaking to watch Kat’s story turn into a redemption story for someone else, and for someone whose politics are actively harmful to her community.


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Dee reassures that this is not judgment but a call to action. She hopes that she will have the opportunity to tell more authentic stories with hiring, promoting, and listening to different voices across the entire production of The Bold Type. “This is an opportunity to walk the walk, to really practice what The Bold Type teaches, and by acknowledging the mistakes and making commitments to be better in the future.”

We appreciate celebrities using their platforms to call out the lack of representation in the entertainment industry. We hope that those at the top will listen to these changes and influence them in future productions.