Megan Thee Stallion Suffers Gunshot Wounds but Is Anticipated to Make a Full Recovery

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The sensational rapper reports she is “incredibly grateful to be alive” after being shot several times.

On Sunday morning, at approximately 4:30 AM, Megan Thee Stallion, fellow rapper Tory Lanez, and an unidentified third party were involved in an incident outside a Hollywood Hills residence. Allegedly, Los Angeles police officers received a call early Sunday morning and, upon arrival, witnesses reported that a heated argument had escalated into gunshot fires. Megan Thee Stallion was wounded during the violent disturbance and is currently recovering from surgery in a medical facility. Initial reports indicated that both individuals were detained by police following the incident, and that fellow rapper Tory Lanez was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon. Lanez reportedly suffered no physical injuries but is enduring legal indictment. 

The validity of these initial reports seems questionable. According to Cosmopolitan, initial reports falsely claimed that the female rapper was taken to the hospital for a “glass wound” and incorrectly asserted that she was arrested following the disturbance. All parties involved in the incident have remained silent. However, after three initial days of silence and the subsequent spread of rumors and fictitious accounts of the event, Megan finally released a statement. Megan took to Instagram to address concerns from fans and briefly comment on the altercation.  She highlighted that she is recovering quickly and is “incredibly grateful to be alive.”  

Fans took to Twitter to express their anguish and concern.

Megan continues to focus on her recovery and is eager to quickly move past this traumatic event and redirect her attention toward her music endeavors. Although Megan’s statement offers minimal clarity and clears up some confusion, the facts of the incident remain relatively obscure. TMZ has reported that “Tory Lanez allegedly opened fire on Megan Thee Stallion early Sunday morning after arguing with her and her friend.” Hopefully, in the upcoming days, there will be additional information available. We wish Megan a speedy recovery and hope she is able to get back to producing music in no time.