David Dobrik Checks in on Howie Mandel After TikTokers Posted Concern That He Was Being Held Captive


The America’s Got Talent judge had fans theorizing that he was in trouble, and they enlisted the help of YouTube sensation David Dobrik to find out if he was really okay.

False alarm, folks: Howie Mandel is actually not being held captive. Confused? Let’s backtrack.

Recently, a couple of Mandel’s TikToks have gone viral, specifically, the one he posted on July 3 where he teaches the audience how to DIY their own bag for “shoe stuff,” because people thought he was being held captive.

@officialhowiemandel##craft ##diy ##shoes♬ original sound – officialhowiemandel

Mandel later told BuzzFeed News he was simply poking fun at people who were “making banana bread and tie-dying” and finding other hobbies during quarantine. Unfortunately, the video wasn’t taken lightly by the TikTok community. Many fans were quick to duet the video showing their confused reactions, writing in various captions and video labels that he needed “help.” The hashtag #SaveHowieMandel currently has 9.8 million views.

One of the most viral conspiracy videos by a user named baldiyadi claims that his video is “full of secret messages.”

@baldiyadii’m scared omg, do u think he’s okay? ##howiemandel##sos##scary##intruder##share##55##police##celeb##savehim##lifeguard##santamonica##conspiracy##morsecode##secret♬ original sound – baldiyadi

Someone had put an end to the theorizing and find out if Howie Mandel really was in need of help, and that someone was David Dobrik. This past Tuesday, the popular vlogger took to TikTok to address fans’ concerns saying, “A bunch of my comments right now are telling me to go check on Howie…so, I’m going to be there in two minutes and give us the inside scoop.”

In the video, Howie emerges wearing a glove and shield contraption, which David says he’s wearing because he’s a “huge germaphobe.”  When David tells the TV personality that people are worried about him because the videos he has been posting are “weird,” he responds humorously saying, “I’m sixty-five! I’m on TikTok! That’s weird!”

Shortly after David left, Howie took to Twitter to thank his friend for checking up on him and reposted the TikTok of the visit.

Needless to say, we are relieved that Howie is safe and are looking forward to seeing more of him on TikTok.