Troye Sivan Reveals New Single ‘Easy’ and Track List for ‘In A Dream’ Album

James Jeffrey Taylor/Shutterstock

The wait is finally over for Troye Sivan fans, the singer released his newest single, “Easy.”

Troye Sivan released his single “Take Yourself Home” earlier than he planned to in April, and fans have waited patiently since then for the release of more projects. After much anticipation, his newest single “Easy” was dropped today.

The new song comes after Sivan posted numerous teasers on his Instagram over the past week, including clips of him singing along with the song. It is now revealed that the teasers came from the official music video.

The singer shared on his Instagram story that he was scared to drop the single. Sivan hopes the song not only connects with fans, but hopes it applies to their lives. Inspired by an eighties themed feel, “Easy” follows the singer as he begs for his lover to give their relationship a second chance.  “What the hell did we do?/ Tell me we’ll make it through / cause he made it easy/Easy/Please don’t leave me/ Leave me.”

Sivan also announced that he would release a six-song “concept EP” in his upcoming album, In A Dream on August 21 with Capitol Records. The official tracklist has been released on streaming platforms and as listed below:

Remember to mark your calendars for the release of In A Dream on August 21. In the meantime, make sure to listen to “Easy” and “Take Yourself Home” on all streaming platforms. Also, tune in Thursday to watch the official music video for “Easy” on his YouTube channel.