Clothing Brand Ganni and Richie Shazam Unveil a Powerful Collaboration Supporting Black Trans Lives

Ganni emphasizes that Black trans lives matter year-round as they partner with Richie Shazam for a series of striking shots.

Although Pride month has technically passed at this point, its message of love at the core of its celebrations is always relevant. Ganni isn’t letting us forget this as they’ve partnered up with Richie Shazam for a collective of vibrant shots supporting Black trans lives.

Richie Shazam is a model, artist, and activist who has risen to fame over the years as a trailblazer for diversity. Shazam is a proud representative of the LGBTQ+ and BAME community within the fashion industry, and has an assertive presence as a prominent advocate for equality.


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GANNI X @richieshazam One of Richie’s prints “Black Trans Lives Matter, NYC 2020” available now on in the U.S. 100% of the profits will be donated across the following non-profit organizations @MPJInstitute and @forthegworls Head to link in bio for more info 🖤 • “I am super excited to partner with GANNI to sell my photographic prints to support Black trans Lives. During Pride we celebrate a revolution that was started by people who more or less look like me. Following their example, I learned the hard way, that living your truth authentically is a revolutionary act within itself. My photography lets me tell stories, send but also transcend messages. My work connects me to who I am, where I come from and most of all those around me. This year we are called upon to stand up and against the violence and hate thrust onto so many Black and Brown bodies. So please continue to donate, protest and speak up. It’s about coming together to build community and provide resources, honoring where we came from, celebrating what we have achieved and recommitting ourselves to the work that’s still left to do.” – Richie Shazam, Model, Artist and Activist

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Now working with Ganni, Shazam has curated a creative project supporting Black trans lives. The photos are available to buy from Ganni for a limited time only and are a record of Black trans protests as well as a proud display of Black trans beauty. 100% of the proceeds raised will be directed towards the Marsha P. Johnson Institute and For the Gworls, organizations that work to alleviate the suppression of LGBTQ+ groups.

The clothing company recently addressed their silence on Black Lives Matter, commenting on their site how it had been “born out of the fear of saying the wrong thing” but has now “gone on for too long.” While their message resonates with the fear of many people in the current political climate, their recent collaboration highlights the importance of taking a stand against discrimination regardless of our doubts.

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