Follow Zac Efron Around the Globe in Netflix’s ‘Down to Earth’


Netflix’s new show, Down To Earth, follows Zac Efron across the world to explore natural and sustainable ways to live.


Netflix’s latest original series, Down To Earth, takes Zac Efron along with friend and wellness expert, Darin Olien, across the globe to help us learn more about renewable energy, pure water systems, pollution, sustainability, and more.

In this new feel-good and educational mini-series, Efron and Olien experience first-hand how technological advances in different countries help sustain healthy lifestyles and a healthy environment. From Iceland, Sardinia, France, and more, innovators across the world are changing the way we consume food and energy, proving to be the change our planet needs for long-lasting survival. Throughout their journey, Efron and Olien enjoy the cultural experience of their travels. They interact with locals along the way and enjoy locally sourced food that fits in the theme of healthy living.

Olien takes on a larger role than a simple traveling companion. He is the author of Superlife: The 5 Simple Fixes That Will Make You Healthy, Fit and Eternally Awesome. He has also collaborated with fitness brand, BeachBody, to help create food programs such as Shakeology. Olien also hosts a podcast, The Darin Olien Show, which Efron had first listened to a few years ago and reached out to share some common interests. The pair have been friends ever since.


As the duo travels to different countries, they discuss biodiversity to preserve food sources, plate tectonics in Iceland, and more. All in hopes of educating viewers on how we can sustain healthy life and resources. In France, Olien and Efron discover how the country delivers the purest water for citizens and tourists, providing free drinking water. In Sardinia, the duo learns of healthy nutrition and gets to know some locals who continue to live long and healthy lives.

From heartwarming discussions with locals and exploring the possibilities of how we can all help the planet, this binge-worthy series is likely to make it to the top of your watchlist. You can stream Down To Earth on Netflix.