Get Ready to Have Harry Styles Read You a Bedtime Story on the Calm App

Terence Patrick / CBS

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have Harry Styles’ beautiful voice soothe you into a deep sleep, you now don’t have to look any further than your very own smartphone.

Thanks to Harry Styles’ partnership with Calm, a meditation app that the megastar had actually financially invested in back in 2018, fans all around the world will be able to listen to a sleep story narrated by Harry himself.

The story, titled Dream with Me, will be available July 8 on the Calm app, and if it is like most of the stories already released on the platform, it should be about an hour long.

Although it hasn’t been explicitly stated whether or not the story will be a piece of original work or reading from an already published book, some people have speculated that the audio story might be a type of relaxing ASMR or even a dreamy lullaby.

Along with the Dream With Me announcement came a small clip of audio and an adorable photo of Harry during his recording session for Calm.

A deep accented voice cuts from behind a twinkling piano to say “Hello… I’m Harry Styles,” which was enough for everyone to download Calm immediately.

The photo of Harry in the recording session showed him dressed down, but still in his signature blue denim cap and Vans sneakers, reading from a script within a padded bus. 

Fans had Dream With Harry trending on Twitter within minutes of Calm’s announcement, excited about anything the singer-songwriter has to offer and grateful for the meaning behind everything he does.

We can’t wait to get a full night of rest tomorrow after listening to Calm’s sleep story session of Dream With Me by Harry Styles.