Emilia Clarke Thanks the Healthcare Workers That Saved Her Life


Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke writes a thank you letter to the healthcare workers that saved her life after she suffered a brain aneurysm. 

After the scare of Emilia Clarke’s brain aneurysm, the star penned her thoughts down on paper to thank the healthcare workers who had saved her life. The letter is featured in Dear NHS: 1oo Stories to Say Thank You, a book edited by Adam Kay, acknowledges health services, and gives people a chance to express their gratitude.

In the book, Clarke writes, “The memories I will hold dearest, though, are ones that fill me with awe: of the nurses and doctors I knew by name when, in the weeks after my first, brain hemorrhage, we watched the passing of time and the passing of patients in the Victor Horsley Ward at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in Queen Square, London.”

Clarke continues, “The nurse who suggested — after everyone else in A&E struggled to find an answer when I was first admitted — that maybe, just maybe I should have a brain scan. She saved my life.” She thanks her anesthetist, “who miraculously kept me giggling,” as well as the surgeon, “whose skill, quick thinking and sheer determination saved my life,” and the nurses who “washed my body with care and love when I couldn’t walk or sit.”

Wrapping up her letter, the actress sends another ‘thanks’ to the nurse who allowed her mother to stay with her in the hospital room while other relatives were asked to leave.

“In all those moments, over those three weeks, I was not, not ever, truly alone,” writes Clarke. Dear NHS: 1oo Stories to Say Thank You hits stores starting July 9.