Halsey Will Be Publishing Her First Poetry Collection ‘I Would Leave Me If I Could’

ABC/Image Group LA

The Grammy Award-nominated singer-songwriter, Halsey, has announced that she is releasing her first collection of poetry, “I Would Leave Me If I Could.” 

Halsey has had multiple hits such as “Without Me” and “Bad At Love”, both songs surpassing 300 million views on YouTube.  She has also collaborated with YUNGBLUD, Travis Barker, Khalid, benny blanco, and Marshmello. We cannot wait to see Halsey show off her poetic side in her never-before-seen poetry, which will tackle complex themes and motifs like sexual orientation, feminism, love, heartbreak, and living with bipolar disorder.

Halsey’s fans were quick to connect her mysterious tweet back in May to Halsey’s poetry collection release, where she told her fans to “bookmark this tweet for 6 months from now.”

Fans couldn’t be more proud of Halsey. She proves time and time again that her beauty and talent are deeper than the surface level.

Halsey’s poetry promises to be passionate and honest as it dismantles toxic myths about mental illness and feminism.

“I Would Leave Me If I Could” is set to debut on November 10th, 2020, and will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Simon & Schuster, and Indiebound.  The hardcover will retail for $22.49 on Amazon, and $24.99 on all other platforms.