Educate Yourself on Racism, Sexism, and More With These Free Audiobooks


A rapper has recorded audiobook versions of multiple socially and politically educational books and posted them for free on YouTube.

Lil Guillotine is a rapper, YouTuber, producer, and activist out of Madison, Wisconsin whose message and motivation is based around the Free the 350 Bail Fund – including his new venture into audiobook reading.

The Free the 350 Bail Fund is a community of people that are diligently raising money and awareness for unjustly incarcerated people of color, cultural minorities, and lower class citizens who can’t afford bail.

With the world in a state of movement and change, he has put rapping on the back burner and is now reading powerful, enlightening books out loud and uploading them to YouTube for free for people to listen to, educate themselves with, and connect to.

Dive into Lil Guillotine’s version of Are Prisons Obsolete? by Angela Davis, a five-star rated title that argues for a structural and cultural change within policing and a complete end to prisons altogether. Davis believes that if true criminal justice and human rights are believed in, then another American social movement can bring the abolition of prison (as radical as it may seem).

Check out his reading of Women, Race and Class, also by Angela Davis, which is a beloved piece of work that tracks women’s suffrage in the United States through an introspective and historical lense. It covers how racism and classism continue to affect the women’s rights movement and true equality both in and out of this country.

Listen to the audiobook of Our Enemies in Blue by Kristian Williams, which many people believe should be required reading (or listening) for police academy students. This book is a historically based critique of policing in the United States – a democratic country – beginning with the structure and work of slave patrols to modern armed defenders and the brutality that may come with that.

Tune into a reading of Revolution at Point Zero by Silvia Federici, a vital book to comes to terms with that took almost forty years to write, but expertly encompasses decades of research on American capitalism, the on-going feminist movement, fairness in elder care, globalization of reproductive work, and the intersection between all of that and violence.

Be sure to check out these podcasts and continue to educate yourself on these topics.