Watch Quibi’s ‘The Princess Bride’ Remake Starring Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

CBS/Terence Patrick

It is time to secure the bag (of popcorn) and watch this star-studded reboot of The Princess Bride on Quibi tonight.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are guilty of: thespianage.  Turner, acclaimed Game of Thrones actress, will be soaking up the limelight with boyband heartthrob and husband, Joe Jonas. This iconic power couple is set to star in the classic comedy adventure The Princess Bride.

In a fun twist, Sophie Turner will be playing the male hero Westley and Joe Jonas will be playing the beautiful Princess Buttercup.

In the age of a global pandemic and social distancing, traditional production methods are simply not feasible. Luckily, the producers for this remake had a few tricks up their sleeves and skillfully employed unconventional shooting methods in order to safely bring about this iconic adaptation.  The movie was filmed from actors’ respective homes, via their phones, and is set to debut tonight exclusively on the new streaming service Quibi, debuting two chapters at a time.

Typically, remakes are dangerous territory, especially when it comes to an ageless, celebrated classic like The Princess Bride.  This is no small feat! However, this reboot has an extremely promising cast: Jennifer Garner, Hugh Jackman, Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, Tiffany Haddish, Keegan-Michael Key, and Josh Gad.  If this wasn’t exciting enough, Fred Savage, who played the Grandson in the original version, will be joining the cast and reclaiming his iconic role one last time.  And, the cherry on top: Quibi has donated $1 million to support World Central Kitchen, an organization that strives to provide meals to struggling families amid the global pandemic.

Don’t miss tonight’s premiere of this revolutionary twist on the ‘80s classic. We can’t wait to see it!