Watch Hayley Kiyoko Perform for San Francisco Pride’s 50th Anniversary

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The Expectations singer performed an at-home concert as part of San Francisco Pride’s virtual celebration.

Pride Month is almost over, but as many cities transitioned to virtual events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not too late to watch some incredible performances from your favorite artists. This weekend, Hayley Kiyoko joined the San Francisco Pride celebration, commemorating the event’s 50th anniversary with a must-watch online concert.

From her rainbow-decorated home, Kiyoko sang some of her most recently released tracks, as well as some fan-favorites. She was accompanied by musicians Valerie Franco, Lawrence Carroll IV, and Nikki Flores.

Kiyoko opened the concert with “Runaway,” followed by the hit song “What I Need.” Then, she performed her cover from The Killers’s “Mr. Brightside,” released in the Amazon Music’s 2020 “PROUD” playlist in late May. In between songs, she talked about her memories of performing those songs, how she felt connected to them, and other personal anecdotes.

Before singing her next song, “She,” Kiyoko discussed how the song’s music video tapped into her struggles in middle school before she came out as a lesbian.

“It was a really hard time because I was in the closet, and I felt like I was constantly being rejected, and I kept invalidating my feelings, let alone other people,” Kiyoko shared. “But I look back at that time, and I’m like… That was such a powerful time for me, and it shaped me and made me who I am today.”

She also offered her fans, who have nicknamed her ‘Lesbian Jesus,’ some advice and comfort if they were struggling through the same thing.

“For anybody who is going through it right now, I love you,” she said. “Just know that you just gotta keep moving forward because you’ll get through it, and everything that you’re going through will just make you a whole lot stronger.”

Kiyoko wrapped up the concert in grand style with “Girls Like Girls.” It’s hard to believe that this incredible song is already five-years-old. The fans’—and Kiyoko’s—love for it is still the same as always.

“Coming out is one thing, but really just owning who you are and coming out to yourself and standing by that can be really difficult and challenging,” Kiyoko said. “It’s one of my favorite songs, and I hope you all enjoy and have an amazing, amazing Pride.”

You can watch Hayley Kiyoko’s full at-home concert on the clip above. No matter who you are or where you are in your journey, we wish you a happy and incredible Pride Month.