Joey King Talks About Using Her Voice for Change on Speak Up Series

Emma McIntyre/E! Entertainment

Joey King was a guest on the latest episode of the Speak Up Series where she talked about using her platform to educate and evoke change.

When interviewed by The Speak Up Series, Golden Globe-nominated actress Joey King explained that she is all for using her privilege as both a white person and as a figure in the media to spark positive change in society.

The Speak Up Series is an Instagram page that was started earlier this month by talented young actors Asante Blackk, Reed Shannon, and Ethan Herisse.

The account is dedicated to fighting racism through tough conversations about equality, identity, and justice with various other young people within the entertainment industry.

On Friday, June 28, the third installment of the series was released and dedicated to Elijah McClain, who was unfairly murdered by police in Colorado.

In the episode, Joey followed Nia Sioux and Jaeden Martell to talk about having a voice in culture and using it to speak up about what she believes in because you never know who you are going to inspire, empower, or educate.

“I think it is very important to share my opinion, too, as a white person because 76 percent of American people are white, 13 percent of American people are Black, and so when you want change to happen and when you want to start a movement and when you want to see things actually shifting and the system – the government – shift and change, you need the majority to help the minority,” Joey explained to the hosts with earnest.

Joey went on to say that all tough conversations surrounding racial equality and Black Lives Matter need to happen in every community, because “human rights are important” and “should not be even a little bit controversial” to discuss as a public figure or otherwise.

It is people like Joey who are clearly working very hard to make a difference in our world and we couldn’t adore her more for that.