Duchess Meghan Markle Reaches Out to Althea Bernstein

Courtesy Althea Bernstein via Madison365

Last week, waves of shock and anguish spread across the United States when 18-year-old Althea Bernstein became the victim of a racially-charged hate crime.

As reported by Glitter Magazine last week, the African American teen was driving with her windows down when four white men in a passing vehicle called her a racial slur. The men proceeded to spray her face and neck with lighter fluid and throw a burning lighter into her car. As a result of this horrific assault, Bernstein suffered second and third-degree burns to her face and neck. She survived her injuries and is currently recovering in her Wisconsin home.

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, shared in our feelings of anger and disgust over this crime. Markle, who has spoken about both the importance of Black Lives Matter and her personal experiences with racists, was emotionally impacted by Bernstein’s story.


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What are your thoughts on @theroyalfamily’s silence on #BLM? 🖤

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On Saturday, Markle made contact with Bernstein through the Boys & Girls Club of Dane Country. The Duchess and her husband, Prince Harry, spoke to Bernstein at length for approximately 40 minutes. Markle expressed her support for Bernstein, and the two women discussed self-care as well as their shared experiences as bi-racial women.

Bernstein’s friends and relatives report that her conversation with Markle has exponentially lifted her spirits. The two women will reportedly remain in touch over the coming months. Furthermore, Markle has agreed to schedule a talk for girls at the Boys & Girls Club of Dane Country.

We are happy that Markle is continuing to show comradery and sisterhood towards other Black women. Our thoughts and well wishes remain with Althea Bernstein and her family.