You Have to Tune Into Debra Messing’s Inspiring New Podcast: ‘The Dissenters’

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Debra Messing just launched a podcast series alongside Mandana Dayani that highlights everyday heroes and inspiring people who break the mold.

Actress, Debra Messing, has always been one who advocated for what she believed in and spoke her mind, so the second she saw a chance to share that on a larger scale (and for the greater good), she did so.

For months Debra had been sharing inspirational stories found in the news with her friend, fellow activist and entrepreneur, Mandana Dayani, who suggested that they find a way to give these feature-worthy people a larger platform to explain what they are doing and why.


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GUYS!!! How is this even real? This journey has completely changed me. Meeting my heroes was pretty much top of my bucket list. And it was even better than I could have ever imagined, because I got to do it with my sister, @mandanadayani. After nearly a year of research, it is our greatest honor to finally share the list of the 20 Dissenters that completely blew us away. Each episode we dive into the journey of one of these incredible heroes, and we cannot wait for you to hear their stories. Tomorrow we launch with our first Dissenter, our queen, @GlennonDoyle: The Love Warrior. We hope these stories encourage you to chase your passion and to even dissent a little more often. We are so grateful to the village it took to make this happen! Huge thank you to @mandanadayani for being the greatest friend and cohost. To @ericafirst , my left arm, for the most incredible hustle and commitment – this would never happen without you. To @rp1313 for believing in us always To @Paigemport @leastshesfunny and everyone at @dearmediastudio @therealdba for the support and guidance it took to get here To @Marlafarrell @daryazal @jesssze @metropublicrelations @theupsideofSunny and @beingBrigetteinsocal for all your help To @bradycohan for the incredible music To @justinrcampbell for our images and all your guidance on creative To @ashleybrittmcdermott for bringing this unicorn into my life. To all our friends and family who posted and cheered us on and helped us track down these heroes and talked us through breathing exercises every time we fangirled too hard. And to these incredible Dissenters who have filled us with so much hope and love and courage. Follow us @thedissenters and go to to read more about all The Dissenters.

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The name of the podcast is The Dissenters, which comes from the idea that their hero, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, put forth “The Dissenters hope: that they are writing not for today, but for tomorrow.”

Each episode features a guest who is working to make a positive difference in society. Some of which are well-known (ie: Sophia Bush, Jane Fonda) and some of which are truly everyday people who come from various backgrounds, but all of which have found a passion for change.

Most of these people had no intention of getting any notoriety, it came out of a need to do something. That something for them has turned out to be incredible, meaningful, life-changing work. Everyone can do something,” Messing explained to Deadline on May 13.

The duo is honoring authentic people who challenge the status quo by inviting them onto their podcast to talk honestly about their ever-changing work and on-going challenges.

We adore that Debra and Mandana are taking the time to give these deserving people a platform to inspire, empower and bring justice where it is needed.