Stock Up on Skincare With True Botanicals

Celebrities from Olivia Wilde to Laura Dern have spent years raving about the efficacy of True Botanicals skincare.

And now that True Botanicals’ annual Anniversary Sale is in full swing, these high-end skincare products are accessible to the everyman.

The sale, which ends on June 28, offers 20% off of all True Botanicals’ much-adored oils, serums, and skincare treatments. Considering that True Botanicals’ products typically range from $30-$140, the Anniversary Sale’s reduced prices are a steal. Moreover, True Botanicals is offering free shipping on all continental orders.

This specialty skincare line boasts a collection of products that are “potent, proven, and pure”. Its serums and solutions address a wide array of skincare needs, from anti-aging to breakout prevention. True Botanicals designs all of its products with sustainability at the forefront; each solution is crafted to be natural, vegan, and cruelty-free.

If you just can’t pick from True Botanicals’ great collection of treatments, their website will lend a helping hand. The brand’s site offers a free two-minute quiz, designed to help you find the perfect products for your personal needs.

June 28th is just around the corner, so take advantage of this amazing sale while you still can.