The Cast of ‘The Baker and the Beauty’ Is Pushing Back Against ABC for Cancelling the Only Latinx Show on Prime Time Television

Walt Disney Television/Yolanda Perez

The cast of the ABC show, The Baker and the Beauty, is pushing back against ABC’s decision to cancel their show.

The show follows the story of Daniel Garcia a young man working with his Cuban family in their bakery. His life is seemingly following the path expected of him by his culture but everything changes when he meets Hollywood superstar Noa Hamilton. The two embark on a romance that tests themselves, their families, and their cultures. The Latin-led cast was shocked, angered, and deeply empowered by the network’s decision to cancel their show this month.

The cast started a petition to save the show that currently offered the only Latinx representation on television. Fans have joined the cause by posting their own disappointment in ABC’s decision to let go of the show in hopes that the show will be brought back. Hamilton and In The Heights alumn Mandy Gonzalez also spoke out on behalf of the show and the Latinx community on her Instagram.

If you haven’t seen The Baker and the Beauty don’t hesitate to do so and sign the petition to save the only show that truly represented the Latinx community.